Progetti Cosmetici is a consultancy specialising in the creation, assessment, generation, and development of business in the wellness and beauty industry.

Springing from an extensive analysis of market conditions and the knowledge that existing services do not always meet demand, Progetti Cosmetici draws on more than 20 years of experience to provide a unique customer experience.

The ongoing evolution of customer desires, which are increasingly demanding, is rarely satisfied by the manufacturer’s average offering and selling structures, and as such, what is on available is generally standardised and ill-defined.

We believe that the most efficient way to gain and retain market share and to increase customer’s purchases is to specialise  and differentiate offerings according to the most advanced marketing and commercial methodologies.

Progetti Cosmetici delivers business success in the beauty and wellbeing industry. In particular, we establish a partnership to plan and develop a wide range of private label cosmetic products, beauty treatments, and wellness facilities (SPAS, beauty farms, beauty salons, and thermal baths).