Progetti Cosmetici has the expertise to create, plan, and launch tailor-made cosmetics for professional use and commercial and retail sale.

Progetti Cosmetici offers SPAS, hotels, beauty farms, beauty centres, perfume shops, chemists, herbalists, gyms, and distribution centres original products with their own brand, which are innovative and specifically created for your needs. Progetti Cosmetici will enhance the image of your exclusive products, increase their appeal and visibility, and deliver a significant return on investment. Services can be tailored to all levels, even smaller businesses or start up companies.

Manufacturers and agencies
Entering a new market can be difficult, and Progetti Cosmetici can offer a strategic vision and knowledge of the industry.  We can evaluate your situation and identify areas for improvement, recommending the best combination of activities for your range of the products.

We take both a technical and scientific approach when preparing for each project to ensure we deliver functional results, and our specialisation in sensory marketing guarantees exciting products with a strong commercial appeal.

Products aimed at practitioners are designed to intensify the different phases of treatment and the variety of personal uses.