Recent projects

Termal-Thalasso SPA
Established thermal bath and beauty farm located in seaside resort.

Study of identity concept
Design and development of a new range of private label products specifically devised for exclusive and innovative treatments (room/cabin and selling)
Design of a new structure and original spaces to maximise treatment methods and the wellness experience.

Cosmetic range for winery
Wine producers with more than 60 year experience, well established both within Italy and internationally.

Creation of a private cosmetic range based on high levels of wine polyphenols, targeting Italian and international spas.
Creation of the commercial strategy and three year business plan.
Development of marketing plan.
Study of a personal method for treatments, processes and service standards, manual spa skills, mood and concept
Prototyping, performance and efficacy tests
Identification of packaging shapes, materials and imagery.

Hotel SPA
High ranked historic hotel located in tourist area.

Marketing study for creating an exclusive model of spa specifically designed to give unusual sensations and generate new emotions
Generating an identity and codes of communication
Spa menu
Style, furniture and design
Space and area functions
High-tech line of personal products for exclusive treatments and sale
Packaging shape, material and imagery.

Development company strategy
Important producer and vending group in the professional beauty field.

Critical analysis of the company’s go-to-market strategy
Identification of potential areas for assistance
analysis of possible future directions
Study of possible outcomes generated through the creation of a strategic and commercial marketing plan.

Professional protocols for selective perfume-shop
Producer and vendor of an established Italian brand of cosmetic products represented throughout selective perfume shops.

Study of the exclusive professional methodology and beauty protocols
Analysis and evaluation of existing situation according to
the need for beauty offerings and the development of new lines. Creation of the overall offerings, framework, processes, service standards, sequences, programs, treatment structures, communications materials, and informative tours.
Technical training for beauty specialists and sales people.

Residence SPA
Well established estate agent specialising in tourism.

Development of a plan for the creation of a spa within a residence at a seaside resort
Creation of values, identity, and brand
Spa image creation, assessment and definition of functions, spa look and feel.
Treatment range, menu planning, formulas, packaging for the line of private label cosmetic products.